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Employment Law
and Litigation

Employment procedures previously
accepted as sound legitimate business
practices may now be in violation of
federal or state law.

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Real Estate

We are skilled at advising clients so that
they are well represented in making
decisions that balance their business
opportunities against the risks involved.

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Civil Litigation

We win by showing the jury/judge the
evidence, rather than telling them why
they should come out our way. We help
them reach the right decision on their own.

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Corporate Law, Taxation,
and Transactions

We provide critical advice on the tax
implications of current activities and
future plans.

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Estate and Tax Planning

We provide guidance on federal and
state tax issues and on how to manage
and protect your assets.

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Family Law

We know the real-life stresses caused by
family law matters, accept the difficult
nature of these disputes, and vigorously
work to achieve our clients’ goals.

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Personal Injury

If you've suffered an injury as a result of
another party's negligence anywhere in
the state of Wisconsin, the Culp Law
Firm, LLC has substantial experience in a
number of personal injury case types.

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DUI/OWI Defense

A DUI/OWI conviction is a life-changing
event. If you are found guilty of driving
under the influence, the consequences
range from staggering fines to jail time.

estate_probate estate_probate
Estate/Probate/Trust Litigation

We never lose sight of the fact that our job
is to help our clients previal. We use our
knowledge of the law and the decision
makers to develop cost-effective solutions.